Arroy D Restaurant Pattaya

Aroy-D Restaurant – Soi New Plaza (REVIEW)

The Aroy-D Restaurant on Soi New Plaza wasn’t on my immediate list of restaurants to try.  But as I impatiently sat and waited at my table at the Yiam restaurant the hunger pangs in my stomach grew.  After what seemed like forever (probably 5 or 10 minutes) without getting any service I gave up and left. Right across the street was the Aroy-D and I decided to give it a try.

They have a few tables that are right on the sidewalk, but I decided on a spot one row back stay in the shade but still close enough to watch the passersby on Second Road.  The waitress came over quickly to drop off a menu and make sure I had a ceiling fan turned on.

Aroy D Restaurant Pattaya

Aroy Dee Restaurant Pattaya

The menu has a nice selection of both Thai and Western food.  The Thai food looked really good on the menu and they even boast they are the place to eat authentic Thai food in Pattaya.  However I decided to go with some Western food and ordered a club sandwich and fries with a bottle of water.

As I awaited my food and looked around the place a bit, I noticed that some of the signage spelled the restaurant name Aroy-D and others Aroy-Dee.  I’m not sure why there was a different spelling depending on where you look, but this is Thailand.

The Food At Aroy-D

Club Sandwich @ Aroy D Restaurant Pattaya

My club sandwich arrived at my table quickly and I must say I was a little underwhelmed at first look.  There wasn’t much meat on the sandwich and the cheese had the texture like maybe it had been sitting out in the warm weather.  I ate the whole thing, but more because I was really hungry than because it was any good.  If it wasn’t for the French fries the meal would have been a complete disappointment.

To be fair some of the other meals I saw being served looked really good and made me wish I’d ordered some Thai food instead.  Which makes me want to give it another shot and go back to try the Thai food.  Cheap but good Thai food seems to be what the Aroy-D is known for and probably what I should have ordered.

After my experience, I won’t be rushing back to the Aroy-D for a club sandwich,  however, if I was hungry and in the area, I’d probably give it one more shot to try the Thai food before deciding to write it off completely.

Address:  324 หมู่ 9 อำเภอ บางละมุง พัทยา 20150 9 Pattayasaisong Rd, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand


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  1. You go to a thai restaurant that is known for it’s cheap but good thai food, not so much for its western food, order western anyway then complain about the western food only to say you should have ordered thai food in the first place and that it might not be somewhere you’d return, but come to the conclusion you may return anyway and give it ‘one more shot’ just to try the thai food.

    This, logically absurd statement, is known as a Pattaya roundabout. Which I made up 10 seconds ago.

    1. That about sums it up Buzz. ?

      I don’t think it is logically absurd, it is just what happened. Your comment and pseudonym gave me a good chuckle, I do sound like a right twit when you put it like that. But in my mind, it was simpler…

      — I had no plans to go there, and only ended up there because the service at Yiam was non-existent.
      — I had no prior knowledge of the restaurant and didn’t know that it was known for it’s cheap and good Thai food, I only saw their claim on the menu. But every place says it has the best food.
      — If you have an item on the menu, I expect it should be tasty and well prepared, regardless of whether it is Thai or Western. You’re cooking, I’m paying. I had their club sandwich, I wasn’t impressed.
      — I acknowledged the other Thai food served to other tables looked better than what I had. I also admit my error in not ordering Thai food.
      — I have no plans to go back, but if in the area and I was hungry – yes I would give it another go to try their Thai food. (I’ve edited the post to try to clear that up)

      Would you recommend Arroy-D? Sounds like you’ve been there before.

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