10 Best Places To Visit In Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular destinations for travelers visiting Thailand.  Outside of the copious amount of nightlife available, Pattaya also has a large number of tourist attractions to entertain travelers during the day as well.

If you’ve already read our full list of 65+ things to do in Pattaya, you know that there are a lot of options to choose from.  We’ve highlighted our top 10 places to visit in Pattaya below.  If you only have a short time in Pattaya, these are sites are worth a visit.

10. Silverlake Vineyards

When it comes to Wine most people don’t think about Thailand, much less Pattaya.  The Silverlake Vineyards is one of the growing numbers of Thai Wineries and Vineyards in the country.  Vineyard tours are open to the public where a guide will drive tour groups through the beautiful scenery.

The vineyard tour takes visitors through beautiful gardens and vineyards on the way to the wine making facilities.  The tour guide takes the time to explain the underpinnings of wine making from the various varietals of grapes to cultivation and wine making techniques.  It’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two while in Pattaya.  Read More…

9. Wat Yansangwararam

Wat Yan Pattaya

Wat Yan is a beautiful Buddhist temple situated on over 145 acres of land in Pattaya.  The temple architecture is reminiscent of structures you might find in India.  Taking a walk around the temple grounds you’ll encounter a variety of Buddhist relics, pavilions, golden buddha statues, and a chedi located on a hilltop.  Read More…

8. Tiffany Show

Tiffany Show Pattaya

Pattaya is home to two of the largest ladyboy cabaret shows in the world.  The Tiffany Show is world renown for it’s Miss Tiffany Universe beauty pageant which features some of the most beautiful transsexuals from around the world competing for the crown.

The cabaret shows put on nightly by Tiffany’s are elaborate productions, with beautiful performers, elegant costumes, and intricate sets.  While some people may scoff at seeing a ladyboy cabaret, for many it is a must do item on their itinerary as it is something you are not likely to see in your part of the world.  Read More…

7.  Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market

If you want to get a glimpse of shopping was like on the canals of old Bangkok make a visit to the Pattaya Floating Market.  While this is a modern recreation of the old style markets, it gives visitors a chance to experience what they were like.

There is a variety of shows, shopping, and good food available.  If a visit to one of the still functioning floating markets in Bangkok isn’t on your itinerary, a trip to Pattaya’s Floating Market can give visitors an idea of what they might be like. Read More…

6.  Walking Street

What was once the heart of the nightlife in Pattaya has also become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.  Walking Street is closed down to cars in the evening allowing visitors to safely walk amongst the glowing neon signs to check out the go-go clubs, beer bars, and street performers.

Hordes of tourists now flock to Walking Street in Pattaya to get a glimpse of nightlife that they’ve only seen or heard about in the media.  Pop into a go-go bar, sit and have a drink at one of the beer bars watching the happenings on street.  Even if you aren’t in Pattaya for the nightlife, a trip to Walking Street is a must do for first-time visitors.

5.  Viharnra Sien

Viharnra Sien Temple Pattaya

One of the biggest and best collections of Chinese art and artifacts outside of China can be found at Viharnra Sien.  This museum gives a very interesting and unique look at the history and culture of China.

From elaborate jade carvings to many Buddhist statues, to Terra Cotta Warriors and much more can be seen in this extensive collection.  The second floor terrace  which has a group of Shaolin Monk statues in various kung-fu fighting poses is a popular spot for photos.  A visit to Viharnra Sien is enjoyable and educational.  Read More…

4.  Art In Paradise

Art in Paradise has been one of the top tourist attractions in Pattaya since it opened in 2012.  It is billed as an interactive art museum, where visitors can interact with the 3D paintings and exhibits.  It is a great place to visit for everyone, from kids to adults alike.

There are several different collections of artwork covering things from classic art to underwater scenes to dinosaurs.  It is a great place for photographs, where you can see yourself standing on a precipice in Egypt, riding a gondola in Venice, or any number of creative and impressive scenes.

3.  Nong Nooch

French Garden at Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya and Jomtien are home to one of the largest and impressive botanical gardens in Asia.  Located on over 600 acres of land, the grounds of Nong Nooch Botanical Garden include dozens of unique gardens to explore and enjoy.

Hop on one of the sightseeing buses or rent a bicycle to strike out and explore the vastness of the park.  Visitors will find examples of gardens from around the world such as the French, Italian, and Stonehenge gardens.  In addition, there are the various flower, cactus, and bonsai gardens to enjoy.  Read More…

2.  Ko Larn

When people think of visiting Thailand, they often envision themselves sitting on a tropical beach sipping on their favorite drink.  Ko Larn island has the best beaches in Pattaya and is only a short 40-minute ferry ride from the shores of Pattaya Beach.

Once on the island, you’ll have your choice of a selection of beaches where you can spend your day.  It is a small island and can get quite busy with fellow travelers looking for white sand and blue waters.  Ko Larn island is the place you want to go for that tropical beach experience while on vacation in Pattaya.

1.  Sanctuary of Truth

Our pick for the best place to visit in Pattaya, The Sanctuary of Truth is an amazing hand-carved temple situated on the sea in Pattaya.  It is a modern temple that has been under constant construction since 1981 and not estimated to be completed till 2050.  One visit to see all the intricate carvings and it is no surprise it is taking such a long time to complete.

Guided tours provide the background, history, and culture surrounding the Sanctuary of Truth which makes the experience more meaningful.  While the temple is the main draw and worth the visit alone, there are also other activates available on the grounds including Elephant rides, a shooting range, and dolphin show.  Read More…

That wraps up our list of the 10 Best Places To Visit in Pattaya.  Do you have other favorites that you think should have made the list?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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