Bronx Pizza Pattaya - 2 Slices

Bronx Pizza

Finding good NY style pizza hasn’t been easy in Pattaya.  A small restaurant called Bronx Pizza opened up on Soi Diana to take on the challenge.  Pizza by the slice or a whole pie, this could be the best Pizza in Pattaya right now.

Bronx Pizza in Pattaya is a small little store, with only a handful of seats in doors and on a small outside patio.  They have pizza by the slice, with a few out on display behind the counter.  They pop it into the pizza oven to warm it up, and in a few minutes you are happily munching away.

The pizza is made really well.  It is a thin crust pie, tasty sauce, and the toppings taste great too.  I had the meat lovers which has sausage, my fear was it was going to be Thai style sausage (hot dogs) but to my relief it tasted like authenic Italian sausage.

Bronx Pizza Pattaya - 2 Slices

The pricing is great, 1 slice for 70 baht or 2 slices for 115 baht – plus the cost of your drink (soft drink is 30 THB and water is 20 THB).  It’s a good deal in my book.

They also offer an 18” extra-large pizza, the promotion was 420 baht at the time I visited.

The only (slight) drawback is the hours.  Bronx Pizza is open from 4pm to 3am.  There are no lunch hours which I would love, but it is great for a meal when you are coming home from the bars.  They are closed all day Tuesday.

They do one thing, make pizza.  There are no salads, wings, or mozzarella sticks.  They don’t deliver, but you can place an order for pickup.

Bronx Pizza Pattaya - Front

If you have a craving for some really good Pizza in Pattaya, Bronx Pizza is the place.

Location:  Soi Diana.  Just a short ways up from Second Road on your left.
Hours:  4pm – 3am, Closed Tuesday
Phone: 080-041-8560


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