Butchers Arms Pattaya Restaurant

Butchers Arms Pattaya Restaurant (Review)

I’ve eaten at the Butchers Arms restaurant in Pattaya on a number of occasions, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The décor is as close as you can get to a British Pub in Pattaya, and they have a mix of traditional English Pub food and Thai Dishes.

Even though it’s a favorite spot for many people, I’ve been here quite a few times,  and it does not rate very highly for me.  I’m not sure I would return unless invited by a friend.

The food is OK.  The portion sizes are reasonable, but not for the prices they charge.  Compared to some of the full English breakfasts I’ve had at the Kilkenny and Jocky’s, the Butchers Arms doesn’t compare.  The cost is more expensive, the portions smaller, and frankly not as good.

Butchers Arms Pattaya Restaurant

It’s not that the food is bad, at least not in my experience; it just doesn’t impress me or make me want to return.

The one thing that was really great was the full cup of coffee, tasted good and a full mug.  However it was extra on top of the meal.  It’s included in the cost at the other restaurants I mentioned, along with an orange juice.

I found the service there was good, about what you would expect from a Thai restaurant experience.  The waitress was quickly at our table and waited around till we placed our order.  My coffee and water were brought first and my food quickly followed.  All in, I thought the service was good.

The English style pub décor is quite good, if not a little over the top, but maybe it just seems that way since it is located in the middle of Pattaya.  The Butchers Arms has both and table seating and there always seems to be a spot available whenever we’ve shown up to eat.

There is a large wooden bar, fully stocked with plenty of seating.  Near the back of the room is a pool table that looks in good condition.  I didn’t check what the cost was or if they offer free pool to their patrons.

The bathrooms are located upstairs and were very clean on every visit.  Also upstairs is a guest house which has a few rooms that I didn’t look at.

Out front you’ll find plenty of parking for scooters/motorbikes.  It is usually quite full, even when the restaurant is empty inside.  It maybe the staff parking there or people visiting neighboring shops or bars.

Butchers Arms Pattaya

All in all the Butchers Arms Pattaya is a mediocre restaurant with higher than average prices for what you get.  There are a lot of choices in Pattaya when it comes to eating out, and as so many do, I’ll keep looking for the best restaurants in Pattaya.

Location: 420/18 Soi Buakhao, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Phone: 038-416-217

On The Web:  Website


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  1. I concur that the food at the Butcher’s Arms is a little spendy compared to other places in Pattaya, even other British pubs. But I’ve long patronized the place anyway, mostly because the dining room is a very comfortable place to get out of the heat and relax. (They also play a lot of 80s music, which I love.)

    Unfortunately, the past few times I have visited the dining room was uncomfortably warm, almost stuffy. If I’m going to pay a premium price for my meal, I expect a pleasant environment. There are other places in that part of town where the air conditioning is colder and the food is cheaper.

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