Drinking At A Cocktail Car In Pattaya

If you’ve ever been to Pattaya you have surely seen on of the omnipresent Cocktail Car located around the city.  Converted VW Vans where the roof opens up transforming the vehicle into a bar.

They are hard to miss with their decoration of neon lights, the words Cocktail Car emblazoned on the sides of the van, and a half dozen or so plastic tables and chairs positioned in front.  We decided to have a seat and check one of these mobile bars out.

Cocktail Car in Pattaya on Soi Buakhao

There is a relatively new open-air establishment on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi 9. (Right across the street from The Butcher’s Arms)  I call it Beer Town because that’s what it says on one of the signs, I’m not sure what the actual name is.  The outside façade is decorated to look like a row of colorful houses.  The courtyard has tables and beanbag chairs.  And they have a hot dog stand, so the place is pretty awesome.

Beer Town in Pattaya on Soi Buakhao

On the corner, right next to Beer Town, or hot dog town as I may start calling it, is a Cocktail Car with about a dozen tables.  It’s in a prime spot for a little relaxation and people watching as the throngs of people walk by on Soi Buakhao starting their bar crawls or whatever it is they are getting up to in the Pattaya night.

As we took our seats a waiter came over and dropped off a couple of menus.  The number of drinks on the menu was overwhelming.  There were multiple columns and both sides filled with the different drink options.  So many were listed I can’t believe the bartender would be able to make them all by heart.  They must have a recipe list hidden back behind the bar.

There was everything from Pina Coladas and Mudslides, to some drinks I have never heard of and think are available only at these little nomadic drink machines.  Drink prices are reasonable, about 80 Baht for a single, 150 Baht for a double, and if you want to get your buzz on a bucket is 200 Baht.

Drinks at a Cocktail Car in Pattaya

I had a mudslide and I can say they don’t skimp on the booze, my drink was strong.  I’m not sure it that is the norm, but if it is, a bucket of this stuff would certainly lead to a messy night.

Drinking at a Cocktail Car in Pattaya isn’t going to be a way I’d contemplate spending an evening.  However, it is nice to relax, have a drink, do a little people watching, and enjoy the evening weather.

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