Extending Your Thai Tourist Visa In Pattaya And Jomtien

If you visiting Thailand on a 60 day tourist visa or a 30 day visa exemption and you want to stay in Thailand a little bit longer, you can get a 30 day visa extension at the local immigration office. For those staying in Pattaya, it means a trip to the Chonburi Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien.

I just got back from getting my visa extension and I will walk you through my experience, what documents you need, costs, and more.

How To Extend A Thai Tourist Visa

First a little caveat. The Thai Visa extension requirements can change frequently (and often do). This is how things worked for me when I got my 30 day extension.

You’ll need to bring your passport with you as well as your proof of address (e.g. Receipt from Hotel). You can get photo copies and photos made onsite. (I brought my own photo to save some of the hassle).

Also, it’s a good idea to verify that your hotel or whomever you are leasing from has registered you in the immigration system when you arrived. It’ll save you from having to make a return trip, or worse – paying a fine.

Documents You’ll Need

  • Passport
  • 1 Visa Photo
  • Photo Copies of:
    • Passport Information Page,
    • Current Visa
    • Entry Stamp
    • Departure Card TM6
  • Filled out Tourist Visa Extension Request form – TM7
  • Receipt from hotel or rental agency

Cost: 1,900 THB

What To Expect At The Jomtien Immigration Office

Photo of the outside of Chonburi Immigration office in Jomtien Pattaya

I’ve heard horror stories of lines extending out the front door and people waiting for a few hours or half of the day. I was in and out of the immigration office in about an hour and with no problems and little waiting around.

I arrived at a little after 1 pm. Inside the front doors to your left is a counter where you can pickup and fill out your form. There are example of how to fill out the form under the glass top of the table, but there is also someone behind the counter to help answer questions and once finished, she will check your paper work and tell you if you are missing anything.

She asked to see the receipt from condo rental agency and then filled out the reporting for for me. All I did was sign it.

After the review she gave me a queue number for the small room on the left hand side next to the information desk and had me get photo copies done since I didn’t bring any.

Getting Photo Copies

There is a copy station inside the Immigration Office and the cost was 15 baht for the set. I just handed him my passport and forms and he new exactly what I needed.

There are a couple of photo copy shops in the courtyard before you enter the Immigration office, but I just used the one inside as it was quick and cheap. I’m guessing those outside get used on busy days.

Validating Your Documents and Checking Your Address

The first line you are going to wait in will verify you are in the immigration system and that your paperwork matches that address. When you arrive at your hotel, condo, or guesthouse in Pattaya, they are supposed to register you in the online immigration system. All reputable establishments will do this. If they don’t – you can face paying a fine.

I had a seat in the small room where there were three immigration officers working through the line. I only had 10 people in front of me so it went pretty quick.

They checked my Passport against their system and verified the address was the same on my receipt and forms. Once that was done they stapled a stamped form into my passport, told me to get a photo copy made and get a number for station 1 at the information desk.

Getting The Visa Extension Stamp and Paying

The lady at the information desk checked my paperwork once more and gave me a number to queue up for station 1. I waited about 5 minutes for my number to be called.

After looking through my paperwork, she took a photo with her webcam, stamped my passport with my new departure date, and took my payment – 1,900 THB. I got my passport, change, and a receipt. All done in just about an hour.

As a side note – the extension for the tourist visa is from the date it expires, not from the date you visit the Chonburi Immigration office. This means you get your full 60 days + 30 for a total of 90 days in Thailand.

It is my understanding, though I have not validated this myself, is that if you are extending a 30 day Visa Exemption stamp is that it is from the date you extend. Meaning you lose the extra days between when you get your extension and when your original entry stamp was going to expire. Something to think about and check for yourself if this is what you are going to do.

Tips For Getting Your 30 Day Thai Visa Extension

  • Avoid going on Monday and Friday’s if you can. These are said to be the busiest days.
  • Plan ahead. The office is closed on weekends and holidays. If your visa runs out on one of those days or even a Monday, you’ll need to get it done the week before.
  • Double check with your hotel or rental agency that you are in the immigration system before you go.
  • Save time and bring a visa photo with you.
  • Get your photo copies done there. It’s easy, inexpensive, and they know exactly what you need.
  • Last queue numbers are issued by 3:30 PM
  • The office closes for lunch 12 – 1 PM

Location and Hours

Soi 5 and Beach Road, Jomtien

Address: 75/265 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road, Soi 5
Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province

Phone: 038-252-7504

Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Closed weekends and holidays.

Getting There And Back

If you are coming from Pattaya, you can get a baht bus from the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Second Road. The buses are located on the Southeast corner of the intersection.

When the baht bus gets to beach road in Jomtien, get off at Soi 5. The immigration office is about a 3 minute walk up the Soi.

To get back just reverse the process, flag down a baht bus heading in the opposite direction – back towards Pattaya. I walked down to the end of Beach Road and flagged one down outside the 7-11.


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