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Harbor Mall (Shopping Mall and Activities)

The Harbor Mall in Pattaya is one of the city’s newest shopping malls and activity centers.  The buildings 16 floors combine restaurants, shopping, activities, and office space.  It is also the only mall in Pattaya where you can find an ice skating rink and rock climbing gym. The wide range of family friendly activities is probably the biggest attraction for the Harbor Mall.

While the Harbor Mall is a new and beautifully designed mall, it’s selection of stores and restaurants can’t really compete with the likes of Central Festival, and it doesn’t really seem like that was what they are going for.  Where it excels is location and family friendly activities.

The mall’s location just east of 3rd Road and being centrally located on Pattaya Klang, means people no longer have to travel all the way to Beach Road to go shopping.  There is a large population of people that live outside the Pattaya tourist corridor that now have another option.

The mall also has an extension of the Tukcom IT Center that is very popular but is located in South Pattaya.  Harbor Mall makes it easier for people shopping for IT, computer, and smartphone needs.

The main attraction is their family and kid friendly activities.  So much so, they call the Harbor Mall “The Family Paradise.”  This is a destination for both tourists and local Thai families that want to entertain their kids for a day.

The Harbor Mall’s beautiful bronze colored exterior and modern architecture really make the building stand out from its surroundings on Central Road.  You can enter on either the basement level or the ground floor.

Interior of the Harbor Mall in Pattaya, Thailand

The basement level is the smallest floor of the mall.  Here you will find banking, a few fast food restaurants, a couple of stores, and the MaxValue grocery store.

The ground floor of Harbor Mall has an assortment of restaurants including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Au Bon Pain.  There is both of Boots and Watsons pharmacy on the level as well.  The remainder is a diversified group of shops.

The first floor is the main dining area of the mall with a wide selection of restaurants.  As opposed to the fast food options on the bottom two floors, these are mainly all sit down restaurants. The options seem to be primarily Japanese and Thai restaurants, with only a few options serving Western Food.  Black Canyon Coffee is probably the best option for the latter.

Floors 2 – 4 are part of the new Tukcom at Harbor Mall.  Floors 2 & 3 cater to Mobile devices and smartphones, while the 4th floor is IT and computer-centric.

Heading up to the second floor the theme of the shops turn noticeably to tech and smartphones.  The big Thai Mobile phone providers have shops here.  You’ll find stores for dtac, True, and AIS.  There are a few smaller independent phone stores as well.  There are also two camera stores located on the 2nd floor.  Seeming a bit out of place on a level with all the tech shops is Sports World and Asia Books.

The third and fourth floors continue with a selection of tech stores.  You’ll find more phone dealers and computer and IT stores.  And a Toys R Us thrown in for good measure.

Jump XL Trampoline Gym at Harbor Mall in Pattaya

Floors 5 – 8 are home to the kid’s activities.  The 5th floor is also where you’ll find the food court and Ice Rink.  On the 6th floor, you’ll find the trampoline park as well as education centers and other kid activities.  There is also a plan for a new gym to be built, Fitness First.  It will be a welcome addition to the gyms in Pattaya if it ever gets completed.  The 7th floor is home to Harbor Land, the indoor park for kids which has a large collection of slides and jungle gyms. The 8th floor is where you’ll find the Deep Climbing Gym, which is a rocking climbing gym.

The upper floors (9-14) are all office space.  Not something a typical mall visitor will be interested in.

Location:  Central Pattaya Road (East of 3rd Road) Near the Big C Extra

Hours:  10AM – 10PM

Website:  http://www.harbor.co.th/index.php

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