Jocky's Restaurant Pattaya - Big Breakfast

Jocky’s Restaurant (Pattaya)

Located on the quiet and increasingly popular Soi Lengkee, Jocky’s Restaruant, Bar, and Guest House serves up ample portions of good food at reasonable prices.  This review will focus on the restaurant as I haven’t visited their bar or stayed in the Guest House, even though I did stumble in the wrong door on my first attempt.

I arrived at Jocky’s restaurant in the mid- morning, with a big appetite and in dire need of some coffee after a big night out on the town.  The dining room has about a dozen tables; several were already occupied with other dinners, leaving me plenty of other options to choose from.

I picked a table with a good view through the large sliding glass doors so I could watch the world pass by on Soi Lengkee as I ate my breakfast.  The waitress was at my table quickly to hand me a menu and I ordered a bottle of water while I looked through the food on offer.

I opted for their big English breakfast which consisted of two eggs, two sausages, two ham, two pieces of toast, with sides of tomato, mushrooms, beans and black pudding.  It also included a small glass of orange juice and a proper large cup of coffee.  All this for only 120 baht (not including my water).

Jocky's Restaurant Pattaya - Big Breakfast

The food came out quickly and was done just right.  I was happy to see they had real sausages and not the hot dog variety you will sometimes get.    I’m not a fan of black pudding or grilled tomatoes, but everything else was quite good.  I was very pleased with the meal and the portions were quite large and filling.  If I ate like this every morning I would surely be the size of a house with cholesterol to match in very short order.

While I only had breakfast here, I did see some of the lunch dishes that the other customers had ordered and must say they looked quite good as well.  I will certainly make a trip back to try out some of their other dishes for lunch or dinner.

Jocky's Restaurant Pattaya - Front

Jocky’s restaurant is a nice little place that serves good Western and Thai food.  And eating indoors in the air conditioning is always nice on a hot day in Pattaya.  The wait staff were prompt and the food delivered quickly.  I’ll add the place to my regular rotation of places to eat in Pattaya.

Location: Soi Lengkee, Pattaya

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