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Jolly’s Restaurant (Review)

It was late and I was tired and in need of some food. I’d spent the last few hours drinking at the bars after arriving in Pattaya after a full day of travel. I asked my companion for the evening if she knew a good place to eat nearby. “I know,” she said. We headed off in the direction of Soi Buakhao.

Jolly’s restaurant isn’t much to look at upon first glance. It’s a small open-air eatery with a dozen tables, not dissimilar to hundreds of other places around the city. The place was mostly empty, which was to be expected this time of night. There were a handful of guests having a late-night meal before heading back to their hotels or venturing off for a late night out at the bars. You can never tell what people are up to in Pattaya, the place goes all night long.

As we took a seat at the back of the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice the décor, which was so very ‘Thailand’ to me. Jolly’s has a mishmash of furniture. There is some wood, wicker, and bamboo furniture in a variety of designs all thrown together. The royal purple table cloths and fruit themed place mats seem to tie it all together.

Jollys Restaurant Pattaya

There were chalkboards hanging from the ceiling displaying the specials. Looking at the prices, everything seemed too cheap for me to expect a good meal. But this is Thailand, and things being cheap isn’t always a bad thing; I kept my hopes up.

The waitress brought by some menu’s and took our drink order. I was in the mood for something light and Western. I was pleasantly surprised to see my companion had brought me to a place that catered to the British and American palate. There was a wide variety of meals to choose from.

I opted for the club sandwich and fries to complement my San Miguel Light. My friend ordered the steak and egg with a side of fries. The meals came out quickly and at first glanced looked good. My sandwich had chicken, ham, and veggies between three layers of toast. Her steak looked pan fried and a little thin for my liking, but she seemed very happy. And at only 299 Baht, I really couldn’t complain.

Jollys Restaurant Pattaya - Club Sandwich

We took our time eating and enjoying each other’s company. I was very happy with my meal as was she. The price was right and it hit the spot after a long day of travel and drinking. I’m not going to say this is the best place to eat in Pattaya, as it definitely isn’t. But for a decent meal at reasonable prices, it was right up my alley. Plus Jolly’s is located in a convenient location on Soi Buakhao, near where I was staying.

I returned to Jolly’s at least one more time on this trip. Once again I got the club sandwich but with a side of potato salad for a change. I’m not sure if it was the jet lag or beers on my first visit, but this meal seemed overly average compared to the first.

Jollys Restaurant Pattaya

Jolly’s Restaurant Review – Final Verdict

While Jolly’s isn’t going to make it into my list of my favorite places to eat in Pattaya, it certainly hits the mark on a few points. The service is good and speedy. The food is decent and the prices are very reasonable. Jolly’s Restaurant has a good location on Soi Buakhao which was convenient for me based on my hotels’ location. I’m not sure I’d make a point of traveling to Jolly’s for a meal, but if I was in the area I would definitely consider eating there again.

Jolly’s Hotel

While I didn’t check them out myself, Jolly’s also rents rooms. The photos on their website look nice and the rates are reasonable. I couldn’t tell if you have a private entrance or need to enter through the restaurant or bar.

Jolly’s Piss Stop Bar, and Jolly’s Wine Bar

On either side of the restaurant are Jolly’s Piss Stop Bar and Jolly’s Wine Bar, both of which look like they are worth checking out. The Piss Stop is a motorcycle themed beer bar. The decorations look interesting enough to entice me for a look around. It has a pool table and plenty of seating, though walking by the place is always busy.

The Jolly’s Wine Bar opened up on the other side of the restaurant. The place may be worth checking out if you like wine. I didn’t stop in so I’m not sure what their selection is like, but I plan on giving it a try next time I’m in town.


Location: Soi Buakhao between Soi 21 (Soi PP) and Soi Made in Thailand

Jolly’s Map

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