Marine Discotheque Pattaya

Marine Disco

Probably the biggest of the night clubs on Walking Street, Marine Disco still manages to pack in the crowds.  With a large dance floor, several pool tables, and a selection of seating and tables for the guests, it has just about what you would expect from a dance club.

The decoration is nothing fancy, and with the darkly lit interior of the club you really can’t notice much anyway.  There is a large stage for live musical performances, however this is not a nightly event and bands usually only play on the weekends.

The club gets a significant crowd, but it doesn’t really start to get going until after 11PM.  The party goes on until the early morning, and it is not uncommon to go into Marine at night and come out the doors to find the sun is already up.

The group going to Marine Disco is a combination of both foreign tourists and locals making for a diverse crowd.  It is a leading pickup spot for after the bars close.  The club is one of the few that allow ladyboys in without much hassle so you can expect to find a significant number dancing and drinking in the club as well.  Most usually hang out within the same area of the club nightly.

The music is loud and thumping, with a full light show system.  They have a DJ busting out the latest in dance tunes to get the place moving.  There is also a large display playing videos setup just over the bar.


Entrance to Marine Disco Pattaya

You can find the escalators leading up to Marine Disco about halfway down Walking Street on your right hand side (assuming you are coming from the Beach Road entrance). It’s right before the Dollhouse A Go Go.

Marine Disco Escalators


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