Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya Beach Road

Mike Shopping Mall (Pattaya Department Store)

Mike Shopping Mall is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, shopping malls in Pattaya. Even with competition from newer malls like the Royal Garden and Central Festival a quick baht bus ride away, Mike Shopping Mall continues to bring in the customers. It’s prime location in Central Pattaya, between Beach and Second Roads surely helps attract passersby to come in and have a look.

While the front side of the mall has recently received a facelift to a modern looking façade, the back of the mall which faces Second Road reveals its age. Clumps of rusty rebar stick out of a plain white wall giving the impression this was a construction project that was never finished.

If you enter the mall from the beach side entrance you might think you walked into an indoor market. There are rows of stalls selling knock-off clothing from well-known name brands. Proceed on and you enter a modern and brightly lit shopping mall.

The layout of Mike Shopping mall is different than other malls in Pattaya, or most malls that you are used to. It is actually one giant department store spanning 5 floors.   The first floor has a variety of accessories from socks to underwear to shoes, and a variety of other items and clothing.

Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya Floors

The 2nd and 3rd floors are for men’s and women’s clothing. The selection includes everything from casual wear to business attire. You won’t find many Western name brands, clothing is mostly from regional manufacturers.

They also have a few unique items for sale. If you have been wondering where to find a cowboy hat for your dog in Pattaya, Mike Shopping mall is the place.

Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya Hats for dogs

The 4th floor of the Mike Shopping Mall is a little Spartan and sells a selection of Thai handicrafts and souvenirs. It might be a good place to have a look around if you want some souvenirs for your trip. There is also a Mini-Mart on the floor which looks out of place; for a convenience store, it is in a very inconvenient location.

If you head all the way to the 5th floor you will find Food Paradise, the mall’s food court. It is a large space with plenty of seating and the large glass windows provide a panoramic view of the local area. But, the food selection is fairly small with around 10 food stalls to choose from. The majority of food is Thai, with an Indian and Italian stand thrown in. Two of the stalls were vacant, whether this is temporary or permanent is hard to tell.

Mike Shopping Mall Pool

Mike’s has one of the most unique features of any shopping mall in the area, a rooftop pool. If you take the elevator to the roof (10th floor), you can pay a small fee (100 THB) to use the pool for the day. It is a nice layout with sunbeds, waterslide, and several large open pavilions to get some shade from the hot sun.

You can order food and drink, mainly Thai cuisine but a few Western dishes, from the front desk. If you don’t have a pool at your hotel or guest house this can be a good option for you. Pool hours are 11 am to 7 pm.

Artist’s Row

On the north side of the mall is a small alley dubbed ‘Artist’s Row’. It’s is a quick cut through between Beach and Second Roads. Here you’ll find dozens of small shops with painters working on their artwork and tattoo artists applying ink on their latest customers. The painters display their Artwork along the brick wall across from the shops.  Some of it is really good and worth a look.

Location:  Between Beach and Second Roads and between Soi 11 & Soi 12.


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