Pattaya Photo Walk: Beach Road and Beyond

One of my favorite things to do in Pattaya during the day is to explore the city on foot.  To wander up and down the sois and alleys looking for anything new or interesting.  There is always some side street I haven’t seen or new store’s and restaurants opening up.  Pattaya is never boring, and there is always something that engages me on my journey’s about town.  I always have my camera with me and enjoy documenting my time in Pattaya over the years.

This particular day my walk started mid-morning after fueling up on food before having a coffee over at Starbucks at the Pattaya Avenue Mall.

I noticed a new Craft Brewery had opened, at least it was new to me, called Beer Fest.  It wasn’t open yet, otherwise, I would have checked it out.  I’ll need to make plans to head back over there for a beer.

Beer Fest Craft Brewery Pattaya

After having a look around I headed down Second Road, trying to stay in the shade of the stores as it was barely 11 AM and already starting to get hot.  I headed up South Pattaya road stopping at a few places along the way.  First up was the Honda shop.

While I’d love to have a scooter to zip around town, I just don’t think it is safe driving one in Thailand.  For now, I’ll stick to walking and public transportation.  This shop had a lot of scooters on display.

Row of Scooters on display at store in Pattaya

Photo of headlights on a Row of Honda Scooters in Pattaya

As I headed up Soi Buakhao I had to take a photo of the Cocktail Car parked on the side of the road.   I’m fascinated with them for some reason

Cocktail Car Parked on Road in Pattaya

I found a place where I couldn’t possibly get my laundry done.  Though it may be appropriate for some.

If you are in the mood for some Italian food while in Pattaya, Volare on Soi Buakhao is a good place to try.

Photo of the front of Volare Italian Restaurant Pattaya

Since I brought up the topic of food.  While I was part way into my walk, I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to meet for lunch. I broke off my walk and headed down to Hooter’s on Beach Road to meet him for some food and a cold beer.

I went all out and had their sample platter which had two types of hot wings and buffalo shrimp.  Washed it down with a cold San Miguel Lite and I was a happy man.  Though that platter set me back a few bucks, it is definitely not the cheapest thing on the menu.  I’m sure I paid the same price I would have back home.  But it was yummy.

Hooter's Pattaya Restaurant Beach Road

Sampler Platter at Hooter's Pattaya

Now that I was well fed and had a couple beers in me it was time to resume my photo walk.  The Pattaya sun was really starting to beat down and I knew that I wasn’t going to be out for much longer.  I took a walk down Beach Road taking in the sights and sounds.

Speed Boat on Beach in Pattaya

I kept walking down Beach Road when the craving for ice cream hit me.  I ducked into Mike Shopping mall to cool off with a  little air conditioning and see if they had a Dairy Queen.  While they didn’t seem to have a DQ on site, I did find a brand of Vodka that wouldn’t be so well received back home.

Mike Shopping Mall in Pattaya

Uncle Tom Vodka for Sale in Pattaya

Plus they had hats for dogs.  Who hasn’t thought to themselves, “what my dog really needs is a cowboy hat!”  I’m going to file this under ‘Only in Thailand’ – at least I hope so.

Hat's for dogs on sale in Pattaya Thailand

Photo of Cowboy Hats for dogs in different colors

After cooling off a little and having a good look around the shopping mall, I decided to head out and finish my walk.  It’s the only exercise I get so I don’t like to slack on it.  I decided to hike to the North end of Beach Road.  The breeze off the ocean really helps keep me feeling cool.

I passed by the Hard Rock Hotel, which reminded me it’s been a while since I’ve visited.  They have good food and a live band that plays.  At least they used to.  I need to go back and check it out again.

Photo of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya from Beach Road

I really like the renovation they did to the beach promenade a few years ago.  There is plenty of room and the trees lining the side provides a bit of shade from the afternoon sun.  They also put up a few interesting pieces of art.

Unfortunately, they have become another place for the poor and almost homeless expats to sit drinking their bottle of Leo in the afternoon. But this day they were all clear.

Art of Beach Road Pattaya

These heads on a stick really creep me out.  At least this one wasn’t staring at me.

Head on a stick in Pattaya

I still can’t figure out how they can fill all these high-rise condos that have been going up.  With the crash in the Russian economy, my guess is they aren’t.

Apartments in Pattaya

I finally make it to the small shrine on Beach Road.  I’m not sure who is being worshiped here, but I always see a few locals praying in making donations everytime I pass by.

Buddhist shrine on Beach Road in Pattaya

My walk is stopped by some workers using a truck-mounted crane to lift bundles of heavy things over a makeshift wall blocking off the beach front.  Their crane is going right over the sidewalk.  I stop.  Getting something heavy dropped on my head is not my idea of a good time.  The worker operating the crane sees me and waves me through when it is all clear.

Crane Lifting Stuff in Pattaya

Of course, the wall telling me to keep out only piqued my curiosity.  A little bit further down I found a place where I could have a peek inside.  All I saw was bags of some unknown substance piled high and some pipes.  I have no idea what they were doing.

Behind the wall on Beach Road Pattaya

I finally make it to the North end of Beach Road and I’m hot sweating and tired.  It’s time to head back home.

Traffic on North Pattaya Road Pattaya Nua

Cars and Traffic on Beach Road in Pattaya Thailand

After I quickly shower and clean up, I decided to head back to Beach Road and walk on down to the Pattaya Beer Garden for a beer and some Penang Curry as the sun goes down.  A perfect end to the day.

Art on Beach Road at Sunset - Pattaya Thailand

Cold Beer and Sunset at Pattaya Beer Garden

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