Image of large slice of pizza at Pizza Pizza by Yanee at Pattaya Avenue Mall, Thailand

Pizza Pizza By Yanee At The Pattaya Avenue Mall (Review)

Finding good pizza in Pattaya can be like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  No matter how many you chase down, you can never find the end.  I’ve tried a lot of pizza at several different restaurants around the city and while a few places fall into the ‘good for pizza for Pattaya’ category, I’ve yet to come across what I’d call really good pizza, something that compares to what I’d find at home.  The next restaurant on my seemingly impossible quest was Pizza Pizza By Yanee at the Pattaya Avenue mall.

I decided to stop in during the lunch hour.  The restaurant is located on the right side as you face the Avenue Mall from Second Road.  It is easy to spot from the sidewalk in its location near the stairs.  There are usually banners displaying the pizza specials hanging above the door, so the place really is hard to miss.

OUtside of Pizza Pizza by Yanee restaurant at Pattaya Avenue Mall, Thailand

My first impressions of the place were good.  The restaurant is big, modern, and clean.  They have a nice menu that features a variety of Italian Food.  As the name on sign mentions Pizza twice I assumed it is their specialty and had high hopes.  I was puzzled that most of the tables were empty, and couldn’t help but wonder if that was a bad sign.  It was a little after 1 pm which should still be prime eating hours, even in Pattaya where everyone sleeps late.

Photo of interior of restaurant, Pizza Pizza by Yanee in Pattaya Thailand

A look at the menu shows a lot of familiar toppings, from meat lovers to Hawaiian and many in between.  There are also a few concoctions that are obviously aimed at the Thai pallet.  I was hoping to find actual pepperoni, but it just doesn’t seem to exist in Thailand.  Instead, you get spicy salami, which is close, but not quite the same.

The pizza is advertised as handmade and woodfired which I was happy to see is true.  As the kitchen is open to the dining room you get to watch them make your pie and place it a large wood fired oven.

I opted to try the meat lovers pizza. The large slice is 280 Baht.  When my meal arrived I was a little surprised that the slice was not only fairly large but was oddly shaped.  More of a rectangle with rounded corner than a traditional slice.  It was a small pizza cut into eight smaller sections and is definitely a full meal for the average person.

Image of large slice of pizza at Pizza Pizza by Yanee at Pattaya Avenue Mall, Thailand

The crust was thin and flaky, but I found the sauce to be quite thin.  The pizza was loaded with meat, they didn’t skimp on the toppings.  Overall I thought the pizza was good.  The 280 Baht seemed a little steep for a slice of pizza, but the actual size of the slice was much larger than expected.

While Pizza Pizza by Yanee doesn’t end my quest to find the best Pizza in Pattaya, it was good and is a place I’d return if I was in the mood for pizza.

Location:  The Avenue Mall, Pattaya


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