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When you think of the great wine growing regions of the world, Thailand is not an area that comes to mind. However ,over the past 20 years Thailand’s wine making industry has begun to flourish. The Silverlake Vineyard in Pattaya is one of a growing list of vineyards and wineries in Thailand.

Situated in a picturesque location at the base of Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain) Silverlake Vineyard is a popular tourist destination for visitors in Pattaya. In addition to the wine tours, Silverlake has a restaurant, a bed & breakfast, and a small set of shops. It is plays host to a variety of live performances and musical festivals in the outdoor amphitheater and other venues throughout the year.

It is quite easy to make a day trip out to the vineyard. Spend a few hours to take a tour, grab some food, and taste some of the wines (or grape juice) that Silverlake Vineyard produces.

Established in 2002 by Mr. Surachai Tangjaitrong and Mrs. Supansa Nuangpirom (a famous Thai actress), Silverlake Vineyard is a passion project focusing on melding good wine with good music. They seem to be on the right track as the Vineyard has become a tourist and entertainment destination.

Silverlake Vineyard and Winery Tours

There are two tours available, a Vineyard Tour and a Wine Tasting Tour. You’ll be driven around the the expansive grounds of Silverlake in the comfort of a large electric cart. There are plenty of opportunities to take some photos of the great scenery. The Tours take about 30 – 45 minutes.

Silverlake Vineyard Tour

The vineyard tour lets your experience the beauty of the vineyard’s grounds. You’ll be driven by lakes, gardens with beautiful flowers on display, and the European styled Windmill that adorns the grounds. You’ll get a chance to do a little walking around and snap a few pics.

The tour also takes you on a tour of their grape juice facility where you will have a chance to sample the product with a free bottle of grape juice.

Silverlake Wine Tasting Tour

The wine tasting is for adults (over 20) and includes everything in the Vineyard tour plus a tour of the winery and 2 free glasses of wine.

Have a look at this video to get an idea of what to expect on the tour​

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Silverlake Wines

Producing wine in tropical climates has its challenges, with the year high heat and humidity that can lead to fungus and rot and the lack of varieties of grapes able to grown in the region disrupting the normal cycle of the vines growth. But Thai wine makers have persevered and have been constantly improving the techniques for growing grapes in the tropics.

New Latitude Wines

Thailand has coined a term for their wine growing region: New Latitude wines. This represents that wines grown in Thailand are done so outside of the traditional latitudes of wine regions of the world.

SilverLake Wines

Silverlake produces several wines. The main varietals are Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. They also offer a couple of Private Reserve labels Current Wines on offer:


  • ​2013 SILVERLAKE Shiraz
  • 2012 SILVERLAKE Tango Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2012 SILVERLAKE Private Reserve
  • 2010 SILVERLAKE Private Reserve


  • 2011 SILVERLAKE Chenin Blanc

Travel Tip:

Combine your visit to Silverlake Vineyards with a visit Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain).  They are right next to each other and doesn’t add much time to your outing.

Silverlake Wine & Grill

The Silverlake Wine & Grill is a restaurant with great views of the property. You can dine either inside or out on the patio. The menu offers a variety of Italian inspired dishes and wood oven fired pizza’s. They also have a nice selection of Thai food on offer for those who are so inclined.

The restaurant is open all week, featuring live music in the evenings. The combination of good food and great views make it an ideal spot for a meal and drink.

Grape Products (non-wine)

Wine is not the only thing produced at Silverlake Vineyards in Pattaya. You’ll also find they make a variety of grape related products. You can get fresh grapes, grape juice, raises, jams, and a variety of cookies and pastries made from grapes.

There is a small shop at the entrance to the vineyard where you can purchase these items.

Movie House Bed & Breakfast

Movie House BNB @ Silverlake

Photo Credit: Silverlake Movie House

If you fancy a stay at Silverlake, there is an onsite Bed & Breakfast call The Movie House. It is several small cottages themed with various items from Thai Cinema. The place was inspired by the acting career of one of the owners.

The B&B seems to be targeted towards Thai tourists and reservations can only be made by phone.

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Silverlake Vineyard Prices / Entrance Fees

Here is a breakdown of the entrance fees, costs, and what you will experience on each of the tours.


Price (THB)

Vineyard Tour

Grape Juice Plant Tour

Free Bottle of Grape Juice

Winery Tour

2 Free Glasses of Wine

Wine Tasting



Vineyard Tour – Adult



Vineyard Tour – Child



Location:  31/62 Moo 7, Na Jomtien, Pattaya, Chonburi 20250, Thailand.

Silverlake Vineyard Hours:  

  • Vineyard: Open daily 09.00-18.00 (M-F) , 08.30-19.00 (Sat-Sun,Public Holiday)
  • Restaurant: Open daily 11.00 – 21.00 (M-F), 10.30-22.00 (Sat-Sun,Public Holiday)

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