Take Away Restaurant Breakfast

Take Away Restaurant Review

The Take Away restaurant has a casual open air atmosphere with tables overlooking Soi Buakhao and the side street it sits on.  The interior has a clean and fresh feel with white walls and bright orange accents.  There are about 15 or 20 tables, a few of those are situated directly on the street.

The menu features a selection of British comfort foods as well as burgers, pizzas, and snacks.  It is quite an extensive menu and the restaurant serves food from breakfast till late. Like most restaurants in Pattaya they also offer a Thai menu to cater to local patrons.

I stopped in twice once for breakfast and again for dinner.  I was out looking for a spot for breakfast when I walked past when the sign out front caught my attention.  The black letters on white background reminded me of the no frills product labels I’d see at the grocery store when I was a kid. I hoped the food inside the Take Away would taste a heck of a lot better.  I gave it a shot.

Take Away Restaurant Pattaya

I grabbed a table inside and positioned myself so that I could get a good view of Soi Buakhao.

View From Table at Take Away Restaurant

There were a handful of guests at other tables, but most were empty.  The waitress was by promptly to greet me with a smile and drop off a menu.  For those too impatient to wait, they’ve posted a giant menu on the wall.

Menu on wall at Take Away Restaurant

I decided on their No 1 Breakfast for 125 Baht.  It comes with two eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, grilled tomato, two slices of toast, and coffee or tea.  I opted for fried eggs and a coffee.

The coffee and toast were brought out first.  One thing I judge a good breakfast in Pattaya by is whether they serve a large mug of good coffee.  I was not disappointed.  I wish I could say the same when my breakfast arrived.

The bacon was a tiny piece of ham that was dry and overcooked.  The sausage was large and not the typical hot dogs being passed off as sausage at some restaurants.  When I cut in and took the first bite, something was off.  Not that it was spoiled, but the texture and consistency didn’t seem right.  It was very dry, possibly overcooked.

The eggs were cooked well and were the only thing on the plate that I really enjoyed.  The price may be cheap, but meal still wasn’t worth it.  There are many better options for breakfast in Pattaya.

Take Away Restaurant Breakfast

I don’t like to write a restaurant off my list for one bad meal (unless it is truly horrible) and I wanted to give the Take Away another shot.  So one night I headed back for dinner.

The service and atmosphere were still good in the evening.  I opted for the cheeseburger and chips for 190 baht.  Once again, I was disappointed on the first bite.  The taste and flavor of the beef patty were not to my liking.  Thai beef always has a different taste, but this seemed like the seasoning they were using.  On the plus side, the French fries were good.

Overall from my two meals at the Take Away restaurant, it is not a place I would be inclined to visit again.  The location, service, and atmosphere are great, but the food needs some work.

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