Thai Culture

A new section of the Pattaya Sanook site where we will focus on the various aspects of Thai Culture.

Topics to be covered:

  • Thai Language
  • Thai Food
  • Thai Art & Architecture
  • Thai Etiquette
  • Thailand Holidays
  • Thailand Festivals & Events
  • Thai Customs & Traditions
  • Thai Religion

Recent in Culture

Songkran water guns and masks

Pattaya Festivals & Events

Pattaya has a number of events and festivals running throughout the year.  They are a mixture of public and religious holidays as well as fun events.  In addition to the national holiday’s celebrated throughout the

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Women dressed in traditional Thai clothing for Loy Krathong

Thailand Festivals & Events

There are numerous festivals and events throughout Thailand and we’ve compiled a list of everything from the largest national and government holidays to smaller regional and religious festivals.  There is always something going on in

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Songkran, Water being poured on Buddha statue

Thailand Public Holidays 2020

Bars Ordered Closed Till Covid-19 Virus Situation Improves Due to concerns over Covid-19 Corona virus, the Chonburi Local government has ordered the shut down to help slow the spread of the virus. Originally scheduled to

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