A new section of the Pattaya Sanook site where we will focus on the various aspects of Thai Culture.

Topics to be covered:

  • Thai Language
  • Thai Food
  • Thai Art & Architecture
  • Thai Etiquette
  • Thailand Holidays
  • Thailand Festivals & Events
  • Thai Customs & Traditions
  • Thai Religion

Recent in Culture

Songkran, Water being poured on Buddha statue

Thailand Public Holidays 2020

Thailand has many public holiday’s throughout the year.  From government holiday’s to religious ones, there is something to honor or celebrate almost every month in Thailand. The following list provides the major public holiday’s.  On

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Songkran water guns and masks

Pattaya Festivals & Events

Pattaya has a number of events and festivals running throughout the year.  They are a mixture of public and religious holidays as well as fun events.  In addition to the national holiday’s celebrated throughout the

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Women dressed in traditional Thai clothing for Loy Krathong

Thailand Festivals & Events

There are numerous festivals and events throughout Thailand and we’ve compiled a list of everything from the largest national and government holidays to smaller regional and religious festivals.  There is always something going on in

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