Thailand Declares State Of Emergency: Foreigners Banned From Entering Country

Starting at midnight March 26th, Thailand will be under an Emergency Decree to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. It state of emergency will last for a month.

Thailand’s reported cases have been increasing steadily over the last few days with the current count of 934 confirmed cases with 4 deaths. There is so concern among public health officials at the thousands of people leaving Bangkok due to the economic shutdown and returning upcountry.

Bangkok has been the center of the coronavirus outbreak in Thailand and health officials are worried that people who don’t know they are infected are returning home and could possible spread the virus throughout the country.

There are some restrictions put in place by the new decree, the most notable for readers of this site, that Foreigners are banned from entering the country. There are some exceptions: Diplomats, drivers, shippers, and pilots.

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