The Big List Of Things To Do In Pattaya

If you are one of the many visitors to Pattaya that likes to enjoy your day as well as your nights, then this guide of things to do in Pattaya is for you!

Pattaya is a great city to explore during the day and has plenty to offer. Many visitors spend their entire vacations with late nights in bars and sleeping all day (we’re not judging we’ve done that too).

For those day walkers amongst us who like to get up and out and enjoy a little warm sun on their faces, there are lots of options.

We created this guide because we often wanted ideas of things to do during the day in Pattaya and couldn’t find a good up to date source. So, we compiled a list of all the top places to visit in Pattaya and put it in one place.

If you ever found yourself wondering what to do in Pattaya, wonder no more! We’ve got you covered with our list of 60+ (and growing) things to do in Pattaya.

As always, if you have any ideas of places that should be added to the list or want to share your thoughts on any place you’ve visited, leave us a comment below.


It might surprise some people who spend their entire holiday in Pattaya in bars and sleeping that Pattaya offers some great sightseeing opportunities. Most of the Pattaya tourist attractions are in easy reach of the city center by hiring your own transportation or booking a tour. Some of the places to visit are even within walking distance of your hotel.

The list below has over 25 of the most popular Pattaya sightseeing attractions with more being added as they are discovered.


Pattaya has some great shopping opportunities in their modern shopping malls and local markets. Our list covers a variety of choices including grocery stores, shopping malls, electronics, and the open air markets. No matter what you need to buy, some shop in Pattaya is sure to have what you need. Take a look through our list of some of the best places to shop in Pattaya.

pattaya outlet mall

Pattaya Outlet Mall

The Pattaya Outlet Mall sells a wide selection of name brand clothing at discounted clothing catering to both the tourists and local markets.  It is

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Friendship Supermarket Pattaya

Friendship Supermarket

Pattaya’s Friendship Supermarket offers a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.  This is a popular grocery store for those in the South Pattaya

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Cabaret Shows

A visit to one of Pattaya’s three ladyboy cabaret shows is on the to-do list of many visitors to Pattaya. The performances usually last around an hour and feature stunning ladyboys carrying out dance numbers and lip-syncing to popular music. Customers will often get a photo taken with one of the performers after the cabaret to show their friends back home.

Alcazar Show Pattaya

Alcazar Show Pattaya

One of the two main ladyboy cabaret shows in Pattaya, Alcazar is known for its amazing performances.  With a modern sound system, elaborate sets, fantastic

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Sports & Fitness

The choices for sports and fitness activities in Pattaya keeps getting better. You can take Muay Thai lessons, go fishing, play golf, learn how to SCUBA dive, or get in a good workout at one of the many gyms in Pattaya. It is also a great place to get out and hike around town or to nearby sights for a little exercise.

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