Pattaya Beach

One of the most common questions people ask when they are first planning a trip is “When is the best time to visit Pattaya?”  Some people are fortunate enough to have the time and money to go whenever they want, and sometimes visit multiple times per year.  Others have their set few weeks of holiday time and need to plan accordingly.

Thailand has three main tourist seasons:

  • Peak Season (Roughly mid-December through mid-January)
  • High Season (November through March)
  • Low Season (April through October)

Most people you talk to generally just refer to two seasons, High and Low.  Each of these has it’s good and bad points.  When considering your dates for traveling to Pattaya, weather and crowds are the two biggest factors.  We’ve broken out the best time to visit in the table below – based on months weather (heat, humidity, and rain), and crowd sizes.

The Best Time To Visit Pattaya

November to MarchWarm and pleasant with some hot weeks. Low humidityLittle RainBusy
April to MayWeather is turning Hot and Humid, with some nice daysLittle RainLight
June to OctoberWarm and Humid, but cools down for a while after it rains.Rainy season. Periods of prolonged rain and some floodingLimited

Peak Season

This is the high point of the tourist influx to Pattaya.  Christmas and New Years will see the streets crowded with people and hotels will raise their rates accordingly.  It is best to book accommodations in Pattaya early if you plan on coming during this time to make sure you get the place and area you want to stay.

There is not much benefit to traveling during peak season vs. the rest of high season other than being able to celebrate Christmas and New Years in Pattaya.  Though some would tell you every night is like New Years here, no matter what time of year you visit.  Although you do get to check out the kooky ideas they come up with in Thailand as to what a Christmas decoration should look like.  Some even become permanent fixtures like the reindeer head outside the Avenue Shopping mall.

 High Season (The Best Time To Tavel To Pattaya)

High Season in Pattaya brings some of the best weather and is the main draw for traveling this time of year.  The sun is warm and rain is usually minimal.  There are several festivals in November that are worth checking out such as Loy Krathong and the International Fireworks festival.

Hotel prices are higher, but still reasonable compared to Western standards.  You’ll find some accommodations get sold out early, but there is usually plenty of options to choose from.

The bars are typically fully staffed with workers returning from their summer breaks back home.  There are a good amount of tourists, but still quite enjoyable compared to several years ago when the sidewalk on Beach Road was so packed you could barely move around.   The bar and club scene is lively this time of year and things go until the wee hours of the morning.

By far, High Season is the best time to visit Pattaya for the best combination of weather and fun.

Low Season

Starting just after the Songkran festival in April, High Season winds down and Low Season kicks in.  The weather gets hot and humid, and rain is a regular occurrence.  Pattaya suffers several bad floods every summer, shutting the roads and keeping folks inside.  This can be a real let down for someone on two weeks vacation, being stuck inside for a few days until the rain and flooding subside.  You’ll see some determined people grab an umbrella and wade through not wanting to miss a moment before they have to head on back home.  Not my idea of a good time though.

Summer is also the time of year that bar employees go back home to visit family and friends and take a holiday.  Combined with the smaller number of tourists in town the bar scene can be very quiet.  Some people like this better.  Fewer crowds, less hassle, more relaxing.  It’s really up to you.

You can usually find a good deal on hotels during this period which makes it a very attractive option for those wishing to save a few bucks or stay longer for less money.  You can find some really nice hotels that are half the price they cost during high season.